Wednesday, November 24, 2010


(maybe) couple weeks ago I read about the premiere edition of this magazine published on my regular visit to Oh Joy. I thought it'd be impossible to get a copy since they're at the States. yesterday had a rendez-vous at the magazine place, and I spotted her! :) seperti biasa, langsung dibawa pulang dengan catatan ngirit sampe akhir bulan..

awesome layout, typesetting and infographics..

.. and my favorite spread! :) I want a bike just like that but painted blue :P

can't wait for the next issue :D


  1. Dear,
    is this a magazine?
    Liat di foto aja udh pengen liat aslinya.. :)

  2. yes it is a magazine, dear :) hehe si carrine jg pasti tergila2 ama ginian haha